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Sponsored by Maduro & Curiel's Bank

Maduro & Curiel's Bank

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Maduro & Curiel's Bank (MCB) is by far the largest bank on the island of Curacao and has been a sponsor of RBI Curacao from the start. Year after year they keep showing that they believe in the power of sports as a tool for the development of the youth.

RBI Curacao

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is a Major League Baseball youth outreach program designed to:

  • Increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among underserved youth

  • Encourage academic participation and achievement

  • Increase number of talented athletes prepared to play in college and minor leagues

  • Promote greater inclusion of minorities into the mainstream of the game

  • Teach the value of teamwork

RBI Curacao runs a yearly fall tournament for baseball players between the age of 13 and 18. For 2021 RBI will be hosting only the Senior league division for players age 16-18. 

Teams will compete in a 2 round round robin followed by a 4 team semi-final between the first 4 seeded teams (1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3).

The winners of the semi finals advance to the final best of three playoff to determine the champion of the tournament.

Sponsored by Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball en Softball Bond

Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball en Softball Bond

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The Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball en Softball Bond (KNBSB) is the national governing body of baseball in the Netherlands. 

KNBSB believes in the development of baseball on the island of Curacao and through sponsorship of the RBI Curacao program the body contributes to this development.